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Top 10 Songs of the Week (7/15)

on July 15, 2016, 1:45am
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Recently, the CoS staff got together and ranked the 100 best pop punk bands of all time. While there’s still some bickering around the office about placement (at least one of us is still smarting about Smoking Popes dropping into the low 50s), we took time out to put together a fresh list. While it certainly wasn’t all sweet and easy (there are still too many great songs released in a week to pick just 10), this one may have been just a little easier to rank. And who knows, we may wind up featuring some of these artists in a massive list down the road. Hopefully higher than 57.

10. Pillow Person – “Go Ahead”

pillow person go ahead

Sarah Jones may be best known as a sometime member of Hot Chip, but she’s about to step out on her own in a big way. Her first single under the Pillow Person moniker, “Go Ahead”, features enough squelchy synths and clap-along polyrhythms to fill the dance floor, and her harmonized vocals will provide the heartbeat to keep it feeling majestic. Jones sounds a bit like Grimes vocally through the laid-back and grooving version. The “Go Ahead” single (with a B-side called “In My Game”) drops 8/19 via Moshi Moshi, but this song alone is worth speculating what a full Pillow Person album might sound like. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take long. —Adam Kivel


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