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Wavves side-project Spirit Club share new single “Room to Run” — listen

on July 20, 2016, 10:28am

When Wavves offshoot Spirit Club released their self-titled debut last year, band member Andrew Caddick was going through rather a rough patch. “For me, the first album was a way to deal with a lot of personal darkness I was going through at the time, and how it seemed like it was running my life,” Caddick told Interview Magazine. A year on, the trio — which also features Wavves’ Nathan Williams and his brother Joel Williams — is finally seeing the light again, which has helped them fine-tune their sound in a more collaborative process.

As a taste of the where the lo-fi rockers are today, they’ve shared a new single called “Room to Run”. “This song was written at a place where I was finally moving on and getting to a better place,” Caddick continued. “I wasn’t going to give it any more power over me.” The track rolls like a stoned, modern Beach Boys, full of high-octave harmonies, hooky breaks, and a subtle play between somewhat depressed and perfectly free. Check it out below.

Interview also mentioned that Spirit Club were being cagey about the release of their forthcoming sophomore LP, but the SoundCloud description for “Room to Run” signals that a record called Slouch is expected from Ghost Ramp on October 4th. Stay tuned for official confirmation on that record.

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