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Willem Dafoe joins Sean Baker’s Florida-set follow-up to Tangerine

on July 13, 2016, 3:17pm

Because the world is a miserable place, Sean Baker’s incredible comedy-drama, Tangerine, was seen by a select handful of the American population despite being praised by pretty much every critic out there. But that’s how things go in the age of the branded blockbusters and remakes that stomp out the real auteur shit out there.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the New York filmmaker from opening more doors for himself, and he’s been given plenty of keys for his forthcoming follow-up, The Florida Project. Not only is he shooting on 35 mm, as opposed to an iPhone camera, but he’s just cast the biggest actor he’s worked with yet: the one and only Willem Dafoe.

Whereas Tangerine was set in the holidazed underbelly of Los Angeles, The Florida Project takes the action to the East coast, specifically Orlando, where a precocious six-year-old and her motley crew of friends have a great, grand, spectacle of a summer as their parents suffer the exhausting realities of a shit life full of hard times.

Unless Baker’s using mo-cap, Dafoe is probably one of the adults, maybe even a father, but considering his villainous resume and Baker’s inclination towards shady anti-heroes, it’s anyone’s guess. Regardless, he’s probably hopping a flight soon as shooting is currently underway in the balmy confines of Orlando, Florida.

Go watch Tangerine. Tell your friends. Don’t watch it with your family.

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