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Beyoncé crashed Chance the Rapper’s backstage VMAs interview, and he tweaked out — watch

on August 29, 2016, 10:33am

Chance the Rapper has been the king of the surprise appearance all summer. He essentially took over Bonnaroo, Eaux Claires, and Lollapalooza, showing up unannounced at various sets. But the Chicago emcee is still just a fanboy at heart, and he still totally loses his cool when he’s on the other end of the ambush.

Case in point, during a backstage interview at last night’s VMAs, Chance was comparing his physique to Drake’s when Beyoncé came and perched on his shoulder. When he noticed who had just touched him, he tweaked. “Oh my God, that was ‘Yonce!” he yelled before going over to briefly talk to the singer.

Bey also said a quick hello to MTV host/Perfect Pussy member Meredith Graves, and the punk rocker kept her comparative cool. (Apparently, the two share a thing for astrology.) Chance, meanwhile, danced about and exited the interview with a stoked and completely appropriate, “This is my life, bitch!”

Watch the interaction below.

In case you can’t get enough of Chance’s reaction faces, here’s what he did when Kanye West gave him a shoutout during his VMAs speech:

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