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Dethlok to rise again as Galakticon 2 for new album

on August 05, 2016, 2:20pm

Dethklok essentially ended when Adult Swim refused to back a final season of Metalocalypse, the cartoon within which the fictional band resided. Though Dethklok decided against bowing to popular fan support behind the show, the real-life musicians behind the band aren’t going away. In fact, drummer Gene Hoglan recently revealed that the metal outfit has recorded a brand new album — only it won’t be released under the Dethklok moniker.

“Brendon is the guy to speak officially about the future of Dethklok per se,” Hoglan told Metal Hammer, “but one thing that I do know is I was down in LA doing a few days with Brendon on a new project that happens to be called Galakticon 2.”

He went on to explain that since they don’t own the rights to Dethklok, they can’t continue under the name. However, a change in name is about all that’s occurred. “All I know is this Galakticon 2 album sure sounds a whole lot like Dethklok and sure has the approach of Dethklok…,” Hoglan said. “This new record we recorded is fucking amazing, it’s killer, and I’m stoked. It sure is a killer record we did, chock full of double bass, killer riffs, and all sorts of cool stuff, and I can’t wait to hear it when it’s done.”

He went on to emphasize, “It’s not a Dethklok record, but it’s a fucking Dethklok record! It sounds exactly like Dethklok, the lyrics are fully Dethklok.”

Whether there’s a budget for Metalocalypse-style animation is yet to be known, but Hoglan is hoping to take the new material on the road. “I’m always happy touring with [Metalocalypse creator and Dethklok frontman] Brendon [Small], he’s my dude, so anytime he says jump, I will absolutely jump. We have a really good rapport and stuff. So I’m always down for doing any kind of Dethklok kind of thing.”

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