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Someone made a compilation of Kanye West’s best random noises, and it’s glorious

on August 10, 2016, 12:45am


Kanye West isn’t afraid to use atypical, obscure sounds in his beat — just as this Cuban taxi driver. But he’s also willing to flesh out his lyrics with a whole bunch of nonsense noises. We’re not just talking the typical hip-hop lexicon of “heh,” “woo,” and “uhh” either. Mr. West has been known to deliver a straight up “hootinaninno” or a completely left field “masanoonaa” if the mood strikes him in the booth.

YouTube user BORT has been has been tracking West’s frequently used lyrical themes for years now, and his latest video captures nearly all the glorious self-made sound effects the rapper has ever used. By turning the compilation into a gibberish lyric video, he’s created possibly the funniest work Kanye West has ever indirectly produced. Check it out above, and stay eescrong.

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