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Tegan and Sara mourn in the middle of a forest in new video for “White Knuckles” — listen

on August 29, 2016, 2:42pm

Tegan and Sara delved into BoJack Horseman’s colorful animated universe for their colorful video for “Hang On to the Night” earlier this month. Now, for their new clip for Love You to Death track “White Knuckles”, the synthpop sisters are viewing life through a purely black-and-white lens.

Directed and edited by experimental video artist Minister Akins, the visual finds Tegan and Sara Quin grappling with the sting of relationship woes in the middle of a forest. They’re joined by a pair interpretive dancers, who look every bit as burdened by complex feelings. Though not much else takes place, there’s something particularly powerful and unshakeable about being able to witness someone else’s intimate grieving process. Check it out above.

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