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Warner Bros. is working on a new Superman solo film

on August 08, 2016, 5:00pm


With Suicide Squad turning out to be another critical bomb in Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Extended Universe, it’s hard to get excited about any news coming out of the studio’s superhero division. But for those disappointed by the direction Zack Snyder took with Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, perhaps word of a new solo Supes film in development can be seen as a chance for redemption.

The Warp has it from an unnamed source “familiar with the project” that WB is indeed actively developing a sequel to Man of Steel. (Yes, BvS was technically the direct follow-up, but in terms of purely Superman-focused films, this will be a purer sequel.) According to the report, the studio has made the movie a “top priority” while putting emphasis on “getting the character right for audiences.”

Of course, that’s the issue fans and critics have had with Henry Cavill’s turn as the Man of Steel thus far. Many saw him as overly aggressive in the first take, and downright dour in BvS. By the end of that last film, he’s (four-month-old spoiler warning) dead, so perhaps DC and WB see an opportunity for his literal and figurative rebirth as something a little more palatable to audiences.

However, Snyder will have first crack at resurrecting the character in his forthcoming Justice League movie. Though no director has been named (or likely even hired) for the new film, it would be shocking if Snyder were again offered the job. Not only does he have his hands full with JL, but it’s his take on Clark Kent that has left viewers so weary in the first place. There’s also no release date yet, though DC does have unclaimed space reserved for October 5th 2018 and November 1st, 2019. Those dates may be odd for a tentpole blockbuster, but Marvel has been testing the fall waters for a bit now, and BvS bowed in March, so it’s not unthinkable.

It’s still very early days in the project, but rehabilitating one of the major players in the DC universe would certainly seem a wise move.

Below, revisit our recent documentary on Superman and why he’s so unpopular:

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