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Watch the first trailer for Under the Shadow and wait to be scared out of your mind

on August 15, 2016, 12:38pm


“Scariest movie of the year.” Studios love to toss that one around with ease, but this time it’s absolutely true: Babak Anvari’s feature-length debut, Under the Shadow, is a terrifying, spooky ghost story that will rattle your mind.

One of the best things we saw out of Sundance earlier this year, the Iranian filmmaker’s war-torn horror spectacle is essential viewing when it finally lands on Netflix this October — just in time for Halloween.

Set in 1988, the story follows a small family in Tehran trying to cope with the tail-end of the Iran-Iraq War. Things go awry, however, when a calamitous poltergeist — specifically, a Djinn — descends upon the household.

As I wrote in my A- review, “The wartime chaos adds a significant element of tension; at one point, there’s an attack on the building, and any expectations go out the window — will we see an explosion or a spirit or what?”

It’s an experience, alright. Watch the trailer above and plan to pee your pants come October 7th.