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Wovenhand share grand love song in “Golden Blossom” — listen

on August 30, 2016, 9:51am

David Eugene Edwards has long brought a uniquely pallpable intensity to his alternative country songs. Even back when he fronted 16 Horsepower, his music was filled with a punishing air of travail and — eventually — redemption. Now as the leader of Wovenhand, Edwards continues on in that tradition with the follow-up to 2014’s Refractory Obdurate, September 9th’s Star Treatment (via Sargent House).

On the album’s latest single, “Golden Blossom”, the band demonstrates how they can take the heaviness of their music and transplant it onto a simple, unabashed love song. The track pounds on straight-forward guitar strumming, delivered with such aggression that it’s almost crushing. Still, the affecting rise of the song’s percussive arc finds a way to become powerfully uplifting, buoyed on by Edwards’ exalting vocals delivering what can only be described as epic poetry. “Oh, blinded by the sun I see/ This light given me,” Edwards sings out. “Crashing into the rock, into the cleft with thee/ No more sun, no more see/ Only he, only we.”

As Edwards himself puts it, rather bluntly, “It is the love song, pure and unabashed. Crashing into the rock.” Take a listen below.

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