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Balto search for love or something like it on soulful “Born Astray” — listen

on September 08, 2016, 12:53pm

Sometimes you’ve got to go to the farthest reaches of the Earth to find yourself, and sometimes that’s not just a figure of speech. Just ask Balto frontman Daniel Sheron, who was working as a copy editor and telemarketer in Moscow when he decided to just up and move to Siberia and write a record. Balto sounds a long way from Siberia these days, their sound steeped in the kind of bluesy soul that thrives in America’s heartland. Nowhere does is this more apparent than on the band’s latest single, “Born Astray”, in which Sheron’s bandmate Luke Beckel steps up to the lead mic for the first time.

“This is the first time we’ve recorded a lead vocal by Luke, who usually does the high harmonies,” Sheron notes. “There’s a gorgeous grittiness to the way he sang the song, with these tender, almost whispered moments and big, raw highs. I love how live it feels — you can hear the rhythm section talking to each other, stretching out beats, sitting back into the song, like the whole band is leaning back into the wind or something.”

Dude said it better than we could. The track has that kind of sadness that’ll make you want to howl at the moon, which is to say it does its job better than most songs about doomed love and dying flames. Listen in to “Born Astray” below.

”Born Astray” Single Artwork:

born astray 1 Balto search for love or something like it on soulful “Born Astray”    listen

Balto 2016 Tour Dates:
09/9 – San Francisco, CA @ Neck of the Woods
09/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Café
09/15-18 – Moscow, RU @ Moscow Music Week