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Björk to release Vulnicura VR album, career-spanning scorebook

on September 06, 2016, 12:46pm

Björk has made virtual reality central to the experience of her latest album, 2015’s Vulnicura. From music videos designed specifically for Oculus Rift to the recently launched Björk Digital exhibit at London’s Somerset House, the Icelandic songstress has immersed herself in VR. Now, in a new in-depth feature for Crack magazine, it’s been revealed that she’ll take it one step further with the release of a full Vulnicura VR album.

Details on what exactly the album will contain are currently unknown, though one assumes it will consist of many of the videos Björk has released so far for various projects related to VulnicuraCrack notes that the album is “constantly readjusting to revolutions in the tech,” as VR is very fresh. Whatever it ends up being, this will actually be the fourth version of Vulnicura released; there was previously the original, an all-strings acoustic recording, and a live version.

The Crack feature also revealed that Björk is nearing completion on a career-spanning songbook, one that’s been in the work for six years. The meticulous work is still being done, however, so even a vague release date has yet to be determined.

Elsewhere, Björk recently participated in a Reddit AMA, where she discussed the different “characters” of each of her albums, as well as how she came to work with Death Grips. “i basically got obsessed with guillotine , the video the song everything !!!!!” she wrote. “deathgrips did 2 remixes or remakes to be more accurate of biophilia that were my faves and we have been in touch ever since !!! i just love their punk spirit and admire the whole lack of genre they do. ” [sic]

She also mentioned that she’s a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and “absolutely loved it” when a contestant did an impression of her, and had something to say for folks asking for autographs. “in iceland we have not much hierarchy and noone is more important than the next one therefore autographs kinda silly,” she explained. “here it is matter of self respect , if u want an autograph make one yourself lol.” [sic]

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