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Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold gifts his sweater to girl who made a fansite about it

on September 28, 2016, 10:48am

Sometimes superfans become so dedicated to a band that it’s not just the music they follow, but the clothes. Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, for example, used to wear this one particular sweater all the time; one young girl was so enthralled by the article of clothing that she actually launched a Tumblr about it. The fansite, dubbed It Really Is A Great Sweater, has lasted for five years, long after Pecknold and the band had taken a hiatus and faded from the spotlight.

Now, in honor of her dedication to his style and warmth, Pecknold has actually gifted the sweater to the fansite’s proprietor, Taylor.

The saga actually began during a Reddit AMA Pecknold held a few months back, when someone brought up the praised pullover. “I haven’t worn it in five years but I have brought it with me dutifully everywhere I’ve moved,” the singer wrote, adding, “someone made a tumblr about that sweater and I wrote to them trying to mail it to them as a gift but they never responded.”

Well, turns out she did respond, he just never checked his Tumblr. Not only that, but she again responded to his AMA post, and suddenly the two were in touch. “The sweater is in a box in storage now,” Pecknold wrote, “but it’s yours once I get it out.”

Two weeks ago, he dug it out and posted an image of it to Instagram with the caption “hmu” (hit me up). Then, three days ago he posted a goodbye picture of himself with the sweater, and just yesterday came an image of the fangirl wearing the object of her desire. “Lesson learned: make a meme out of a sweater when you’re in high school and 5 years later you might just receive it in the mail,” Taylor wrote on her personal Tumblr. “Thank you so much robin! I’m really at a loss here.”

“Excited to see the sweater in new #situations expanding its #horizons beyond being #cozy on my #folkback,” Pecknold wrote. Check out images of the famous sweater and its two owners below.