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Here’s what Mad Max: Fury Road looks like without any CGI

on September 12, 2016, 11:12am


When George Miller returned to the world of Mad Max last year, he did so without relying on too much CGI, opting for practical effects. This gave Fury Road a more tangible, grounded experience, which is why so much of the action pummeled critics and fans in ways computer-generated spectacles have failed to do so in recent times.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Oscar-nominated sequel wasn’t without its fair share of CGI. Instead, Miller worked it in when necessary, to his advantage, which is, you know, what you’re supposed to fucking do with the technology in the first place. In a sense, it brought back audiences to the glory days of the blockbuster.

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Now, the producers have unlocked footage of the film bereft of any CGI enhancements. Oddly enough, it still looks like the same movie most of the time, which does two things: 1. it proves how unbelievable the stunts actually were and 2.) reveals how terrifying an experience it must have been to shoot. Good god.

Watch above and look out for its inclusion in the forthcoming special-edition Blu-Ray box set of all four Mad Max films, which should hit the States in the near future. The set will also include the previously reported black and white version of the film, properly titled Black and Chrome Fury Road. Not so mediocre.