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Jessica Chastain continues her high-powered badass streak in Miss Sloan trailer — watch

on September 13, 2016, 3:18pm


Jessica Chastain has sort of become the Hollywood It Girl for politically powerful and all-out badass women. Whether it’s hunting down Osama Bin Laden or leading a mission to Mars, Chastain seems to be the go-to for take-charge female leads. She continues her streak in Miss Sloane, a new film about a take-no-prisoners lobbyist fighting for stricter gun control laws on Capitol Hill.

The casting of Chastain was no accident. Director John Madden told EW that he sought her out after reading the script.

“The central character might be familiar to audiences had that person been a man. In this case, it’s a woman and the movie is totally framed around that character. She is the engine of the movie,” he said. “The first moment I read the script I thought that the role belonged to Jessica. She has a reputation now as an actor that’s in a class — and people expect to see a level of performance from her that’s commanding and detailed and unusual. From tremendous strength and drive on the one hand and fragility and vulnerability on the other. And the scale on this film calls for both of those two things.”

Miss Sloane is due out December 9th. Check out the trailer above.

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