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Kings of Leon’s video for “Waste a Moment” makes no goddamn sense — watch

on September 14, 2016, 10:37am


I really can’t tell if Kings of Leon are trying to be ironic or are dead sincere in their new music video. The clip for “Waste a Moment”, the lead-single off Walls, certainly seems super self-serious. There’s a pretty model in the lead role, some dramatic camera work, and even a few neat vignettes. But taken as a whole, the thing doesn’t make a lick of sense.

So some cheerleaders are sitting under a tree when suddenly some cops standing in a field drop dead. Then Caleb Followill faces off with an old man in a hallway, and everything goes disco. People are blindfolded, lights flicker, and I think Jared Followill tries to escape some aliens. From there it’s burning octopus pins, T-rex toys, and a toy car shooting down a track coming out of a cheerleader’s crotch. Somewhere in there is a crime investigation… maybe? If there’s a plot here, it’s certainly not easily discernible, and I don’t think it’d make sense even if it were.

This might be one of those “so bad it’s good” scenarios if the Followills didn’t appear so relentlessly dour throughout the whole processes. It almost feels like Tommy Wiseau’s with his masterpiece The Room, where he set out to make a very serious movie and only embraced it as a comedy after audiences started reacting that way. See what I mean by watching above.

In related news, KoL debuted a new song called “Around the World” on Tuesday’s series premiere of Later … with Jools Holland. Watch the video here.

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