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Michelle Obama went to CVS with Ellen and proceeded to drink boxed wine and buy headphones

on September 14, 2016, 12:15pm


With her time as first lady winding down, Michelle Obama will soon have to acclimate herself back into society. She got an early start on a recent episode of Ellen, as the two took a trip together to CVS. The very funny clip reveals just how sheltered FLOTUS and the first family are; she was unfamiliar with Coinstar, forgot how an ATM machine worked, and had no idea how to open a box of wine — though, once she figured it out, she poured herself a red solo cup and day-drank like the best of us. Also during her shopping excursion, FLOTUS picked up new earbuds for Sasha (clearly she has yet to upgrade to the iPhone 7).

If you watch one thing today, make it this.

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