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Nashville troubadour Josh Farrow unveils grooving new song “I’ll Be Your Fool” — listen

on September 14, 2016, 12:30pm

Singer-songwriter Josh Farrow didn’t flee his home state of Illinois to find Nashville — the Music City found him. After initially heading down to the South to pursue his future wife, the rising troubadour became immersed in all that Tennessee metropolis had to offer in terms of soul, folk, and blues. Nashville took him in as one of its own, and he was happy to become a part of the city’s long, rich musical tapestry.

Farrow pulled from Nashville’s sound for his forthcoming debut album, Trouble Walks With Me; he also had the help of some of the city’s local legends. Case in point: The McCrary Sisters, a gospel quartet that’s worked with the likes of Bob Dylan and Buddy Miller.

They lend their velvet backup vocals to LP highlight “I’ll Be Your Fool”, which sees Farrow able and willing to do whatever to please his loved one — even if that means getting a dose of heartache. Jaunty piano and whirring organ accompany him and the Sisters, a grooving arrangement that manages to evoke the present-day and blues forefathers of the past.

In a statement to Consequence of Sound, Farrow details how “I’ll Be Your Fool” came together:

“’I’ll Be Your Fool’ was written with my producer Dexter Green as a result of a long span of time where both of us were infatuated with the albums of Dr. John, Allen Toussaint and other New Orleans legends. We decided to try writing some songs that didn’t need any guitars on the tracks, that could be carried by the piano and organ alone, and the first one that came from the writing process was ‘I’ll Be Your Fool’. We wanted it to groove and we knew we needed some powerhouse backup singers on the song, and I was honored that The McCrary sisters were kind enough to come in and sing on the track. We didn’t write the song with a catchy single in mind, instead we ended up creating a track we both fell in love with and it became one of my favorites on the record.”

Stream the track below.

Trouble Walks With Me arrives on October 28th. Along with the Sisters, Ruby Amanfu, Elizabeth Cook, Chris Donohue and Brian Owings also appear as featured guests.

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