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New technology allows listeners to toggle between clean and explicit lyrics in real time

on September 28, 2016, 9:00am

While Apple is busy designing paper bags, radio service Dash Radio has launched a filter that allows listeners to switch back and forth between clean and explicit versions of songs in real time. The filter is already available on Dash Radio’s hip-hop oriented station The City, and it’s expected to expand to the service’s other stations soon.

The purpose behind such a filter — other than giving ears a periodic break from all that potty language — is to allow listeners more freedom to tune into the same stations no matter where they might find themselves. As Dash Radio founder DJ Skee said in a statement, “Digital and satellite radio services have always been forced to make entirely separate stations for each category, thus forcing users to make a choice, and lose a chunk of programming. With this feature, Dash Radio listeners have more choice, more control, and ultimately more freedom to enjoy music the way they like in any situation or setting.”

Online radio is not subject to the same FCC regulations as standard terrestrial radio, so Dash Radio is free to offer both clean and explicit options simultaneously. To activate the filter, listeners need only hold a finger on the appropriate icon in the app. The new technology is the first of its kind, though in fairness: Apple is expected to introduce a similar feature in the coming months.

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