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Rising singer-songwriter Henry Jamison premieres new single “Through a Glass” — listen

on September 13, 2016, 12:17pm

Photo by Oliver Parini

Love in its early stages has a tendency to strike like a hypnotic spell, rendering anyone within reach a slave to their own full and irrationally emotional hearts. Henry Jamison, a singer-songwriter out of Burlington, Vermont, found himself just so transfixed by a woman once and his latest single, “Through a Glass”, recounts that delirious experience.

The track sees the New England troubadour recounting the lovelorn tale with an apt accompaniment of an atmospheric, acoustic guitar-led backdrop that sounds like a dream taking form. “I went through hell and back,” recalls Jamison, a visual lyricist whose own literary lineage traces back to 14th century poet John Gower (friend to Geoffrey Chaucer and Richard II). “She was my dearest friend.”

“‘Through a Glass’ is problematic,” he tells Consequence of Sound. “I can’t call it an intentional study in anger or well-wishing, since it’s both and was written in a fever. When I sing it now, well after the events it describes, I think of it as an ‘ode to delirium,’ a phrase my friend used to describe a photo of us in college.”

He adds, “It was the beginning of my (barely) seeing through a problem, which had seemed so opaque. So I guess it could be seen as an early rumbling of a future maturity, though it is for the most part incredibly immature.”

Stream the track below.

“Through a Glass” is taken from Jamison’s upcoming debut EP, The Rains, due out October 14th through Akira Records.

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