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The Olympians share athletic slice of instrumental soul “Sirens of Jupiter” — listen

on September 20, 2016, 1:05pm

Toby Pazner may not be an actual Olympian, but that hasn’t stopped him from crafting an athletic take on instrumental soul as the composer behind The Olympians. The NYC-based band’s story actually begins with a fever dream Pazner experienced in Greece, after which he retreated back to the big city and rounded up a group of musicians that includes members of Lee Fields, El Michels Affair, Menahan Street Band, Budos Band, Charles Bradley, The Dap-Kings, and The Arcs.

If that tale sound a bit bonkers, wait until you hear the group’s new track “Sirens of Jupiter”. It’s a lean, mean, soul-funk machine that lands somewhere between Motown and Ancient Greece, which is to say it’s probably like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The instrumental song features on The Olympians’ self-titled debut album, out October 28th on Daptone Records (pre-orders are ongoing). At the risk of sounding biased, we think it’s a pretty solid contender for the gold. Listen in below and see if you agree.

The Olympians Tracklist:
01. Sirens of Jupiter
02. Venus
03. Apollo’s Mood
04. Mars
05. Neptune
06. Saturn
07. Diana By My Side
08. Pluto’s Lament
09. Mercury’s Odessey
10. Europa And The Bull
11. Sagittarius By Moonlight