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Toy Cars have real regrets on their new song “Stone” — listen

on September 02, 2016, 12:58pm

To hear the band behind it tell it, “Stone” — the massive new track from New Jersey folk-punkers Toy Cars — almost didn’t exist.

And that’s a world that neither us nor the band would likely want to live in. After one listen to the band’s latest single, it’s easy to picture sweaty crowds shouting the words back at the band, their arms wrapped around strangers’ shoulders. It’s a born set-closer that most bands would be lucky to have in their arsenal — and it nearly didn’t make it out into the world.

“‘Stone’ was originally a track that we didn’t think would end up on this record. When it was originally brought to the table it was a totally different song that we couldn’t quite piece together — something didn’t feel right about it, so we ended up sitting on it for a while when we were writing, and working on it last,” the band relates to Consequence of Sound. “It wasn’t in its final form until a few days before we hit the studio… Eventually, we settled on something we could all agree on and it ended up becoming one of our favorites, both to play live and to record.”

It’s a good thing for all involved that they figured “Stone” out, because the finished take off their upcoming EP Sleeping Patterns is a propulsive monster of a track with catchy turns of phrase that wouldn’t seem out of place scrawled on the front of a notebook. “And I’ve had trouble trying to sleep/ For seven days this week,” singer/guitarist Matt Debenedetti bemoans. “This dust will clear someday/ But it’s been hanging out in places I can’t reach.”

Check it out below.

Sleeping Patterns is out on September 16th via Counter Intuitive Records and Sniffling Indie Kids. Pre-order it here and try and catch Toy Cars on their fall tour.

Toy Cars 2016 Tour Dates:
09/22 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Edge Mansion
09/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Waiting Room
09/24 – State College, PA @ TBA
09/25 – Columbus, OH @ Misfit Manor
09/27 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Proud of You House
09/28 – Chicago, IL @ Quencher’s Saloon
09/30 – St. Louis, MO @ Barnfest
10/01 – Murfreesboro, TN @ Church Camp
10/02 – Chattanooga, TN @ Office Space
10/03 – Harrisonburg, VA @ Lon Lon Ranch
10/05 – Newark, DE @ Hockey House
10/07 – Wall, NJ @ Velma House