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Apple is now getting rid of USB ports

on October 27, 2016, 5:15pm

Those “courageous” folks at Apple are at it again. A few months after they made the controversial decision to axe the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, the tech giant is sending another all-important port to the scrap heap. Today, he company unveiled their new MacBook Pro’s with one conspicuous absence. The latest in the line of nearly $3000 laptops doesn’t have any USB ports.

To be fair to Apple, the new Pros do have Thunderbolt ports, built for the same sort of smaller connector that charges the last several generations of iPhone. However, anyone who uses external equipment and wants to use a new MacBook is in for a bit of a headache. The Thunderbolt ports are compatible with USB-C cables, but most devices still plug in via the old-school standard. This means that anyone who wants to connect will have to invest in adapter cables or a USB hub.

The revamped Pro also replaced the function keys with a strip of touch-sensitive OLED. Instead of the static function keys, buttons will appear on the strip that cater to the specific program that is running.

Another decision that might anger Apple fans is the omission of the MacBook Air. The company moved away from their ultra-light computer option and no new Air was unveiled at today’s event. In its place was a “budget” 13-inch Pro with two Thunderbolt ports as opposed to the standard four. It retails for $1,499.

The good news? The MacBooks launched today do still have a headphone jack.

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