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Blankus Larry know how the ladies like it on “Tight Pants or Less” — listen

on October 17, 2016, 2:38pm

Washington, DC’s Blankus Larry may be proudly weird in their music, but their also proudly post-modern in their perspective. While their sound blends surf and garage sounds from the ’50s and ’60s, the topics they address within that aural conglomeration are very much of today. Take their latest single “Tight Pants or Less” as an example.

Intentionally sloppy guitar strums and a cowbell-led percussion section create a glammy rhythm with which you can sway your hips into the thrashing chorus. It’s like all your parents’ 8-tracks melted together in a cardboard box in the garage and threw a party. But when vocalist Durdy Larry starts singing, “She likes it when I wear tight pants or less,” he’s not just being playful.

“‘Tight Pants or Less’ is our recognition of all the shit the ladies have had to go through,” he explains to Consequence of Sound. “We understand. We overstand. As post-normal human participants of an anti-domination culture, we strive to break the antiquated paradigms of the past. This is a song about empathy with cowbell.”

Check it out below.

“Tight Pants or Less” is the lead single from Blankus Larry’s forthcoming album, Hotdog Rainbows. Due out later this year, the record follows last year’s sophomore effort, Problemo. Below, find the wild “Tight Pants or Less” single artwork.

“Tight Pants or Less” Single Artwork:

tightpants single artwork Blankus Larry know how the ladies like it on Tight Pants or Less    listen

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