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Brooklyn’s Active Bird Community try to find the right words on “Newbie” — listen

on October 31, 2016, 10:00am

Regardless of your age, stagnation if the curse of life. That feeling of being stuck in a rut can hit at any moment, and it can do a number on your psyche. Sometimes you just want to scream until things start moving again, even if you don’t know what to yell. But as trying as these times can be for anyone, the doldrums can feel especially crushing when you’re young and you know there’s a world of endless possibilities before you — not being able to touch them just makes it worse.

It’s that sort of youthful stasis that Brooklyn garage pop foursome Active Bird Community try to shake themselves from on their single “Newbie”. There’s pep in the track’s skipping drums and the wailing early-aughts guitar, but the lyrics reveal someone who’s stumbling over every decision he has to make. “Sometimes in this life it can be hard to pursue/ All the stupid shit, the stupid shit I really wanna do,” frontman Tom D’Agustino sings during one verse.

“I think ‘Newbie’ is a kind of struggle to find the right words to explain what’s going on around you,” D’Agustino tells Consequence of Sound, “how your life seems to be changing and not changing at the same time, how you feel stuck in a boring loop but are also driven to do all the crazy shit you’ve dreamt of doing since you were a kid. It’s a way of shouting until you find the right words.”

Take a listen to “Newbie” below.

“Newbie” is the latest track from Stick Around, Active Bird Community’s new album out January 27th next year. The self-released effort was produced by Chris Daly (Porches, PWR BTTM) at Salvation Recording Co. Locals can catch the band performing at Shea Stadium on Tuesday, November 1st.

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