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Donald Trump is now blaming SNL for rigging the election

on October 16, 2016, 11:58am

In the final days of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has adopted a scorched Earth policy, blaming anyone and everyone (except himself) for his plummeting poll numbers. His latest target? The sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Early Sunday morning, Trump took to Twitter to slam the show for its “hit job on me,” including Alex Baldwin’s portrayal which he said “stinks.” Last night’s episode featured a spoofing of the second presidential debate as well as a Beyoncé-inspired digital short dubbed Melanianade starring the Trump women.

It’s worth noting that Trump himself hosted SNL less than 11 months ago, and many believe the exposure from the episode contributed to his success in the Republican primary. Not to mention, SNL mocks everyone, because, you know, it’s a comedy show? But yea, the media is rigging election.

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