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Gorillaz kick off phase four with The Book of Noodle

on October 03, 2016, 12:30pm

Late last month, ahead of their new album, Gorillaz chronicled their history via an interactive timeline posted to their various social media channels. Today, they formally kick off their fourth phase, revealing a new narrative for one of the animated band’s central characters, Noodle.

Throughout the morning, Gorillaz have posted pages from The Book of a Noodle. New artwork from Jamie Hewlett is interspersed with text detailing Noodle’s journey following the events of 2010’s Plastic Beach. As the story goes, “days after the attack on Plastic Beach,” Noodle awoke to find herself in a Japanese fishing town. After an old pearl diver nursed her back to health, Noodle took up an apprenticeship. One day, however, she opened a “pearl shell of unearthly size, accidentally releasing an ancient hell demon. Noodle learned that this was Mazuu, a shape-shifting devil of unimaginable evil.” She sought out on a journey to find and destroy Mazuu, “but finding a shape-shifter is like looking for a beard at an Arcade Fire concert,” the text notes (lol). Eventually, she managed to decapitate Mazuu and escapes the shape-shifter’s body guards by FedEx’ing herself to Gorillaz bandmate, Murdoc.

You can read through the digital booklet below.

The as-yet-untitled LP will mark Gorillaz’s fifth full-length release following Plastic Beach and its companion LP, The Fall. While many details about the new album remain secret, we do know Damon Albarn has worked with the likes of “Feel Good Inc.” collaborators De La Soul, Snoop Dogg, French composer Jean Michel-Jarre, producer Twilite Tone, singer-songwriter Liam Bailey, and Chicago rapper Vic Mensa.