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Gorillaz share new digital story The Book of 2D

on October 28, 2016, 12:59pm

In the lead up to their new album, Gorillaz have unveiled multimedia stories recapping the recent events of band’s central characters in The Book of NoodleThe Book of Russel, and The Book of Murdoc. Now, they’ve done the same for 2D.

In The Book of 2D, we learn that Gorillaz’s lead vocalist hid in his underwater quarters during the attack on Plastic Beach. Whereas Russel was mistaken for a whale, 2D got gobbled up by an actual one named Massive Dick (“weirdly, no relation to Moby,” the story notes). The whale ultimately washed ashore leaving 2-D stranded until he was spotted several months later by a plane flying along the coast. After spending a year finding himself in Guadalupe, 2D flew back home. “At Heathrow, a man at arrivals held up a sign saying ‘Wanker’. 2D followed him to his car, which drove him to West London where he was reunited with Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle. Gorillaz were back.”

Last month, the human force behind Gorillaz, Damon Albarntold a fan that the band’s new album was two weeks away from being finished. A release details and other details are as yet unannounced.

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