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Gorillaz share new digital story The Book of Russel

on October 07, 2016, 11:50am

In the lead up to their new album, Gorillaz unveiled a multimedia story about Noodle and what she’s been up to since the events of 2010’s Plastic Beach. Now, they’ve done the same for Noodle’s bandmate, Russel.

In The Book of Russel, we learn that the hip-hop hard man rescued Noodle during the attack on Plastic Beach, but after being mistaken for a whale and harpooned, Russel was separated from Noodle (who, as we learned in her own book, floated away to Japan). Russel, meanwhile, ended up in North Korea and achieved celebrity status after locals concluded that he was Godzilla. However, when he shrunk back to normal size (due to meagre food rations), he was released and made his way back to England and ultimately reconnected with Noodle. “The band was getting back together,” the book concludes.

As reported earlier today, Damon Albarn recently told a fan that Gorillaz’s new album was two weeks away from being finished; though, as of now, a release date remains unknown. Also today, Noodle was named a new “global ambassador” of Jaguar Racing. Needless to say, exciting stuff.

Update: PUSS PUSS Magazine features a new conversation with Russel. He name drops MF Doom and Earl Sweatshirt, his relationship with the other Gorillaz members, and the future of the band. Asked about a new album, he responded, “You can expect whatever you like. What is coming will come, whether you expect it or not.”

Read through The Book of Russel below:

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