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Honeyblood sound immortal and free on rock anthem “Babes Never Die” — listen

on October 06, 2016, 3:39pm

“Babes Never Die” is more than just the name of Honeyblood’s new album and single — it’s a mantra that frontwoman Stina Tweeddale has tattooed on her ribs. “I think it’s something I tell myself every day,” she says. “Indifference is a plague. Giving up and turning a blind eye will be the end of us.” Tweeddale and drummer Cat Myers convey anything but indifference on their sophomore record, and it all starts with the rollicking title track.

“‘Babes Never Die’ is the cornerstone of the album,” she tells Consequence of Sound. “It was the starting point, the first track written. It’s a song about not dying.” More to the point, it’s a song about being alive. The triumphant guitar swells and singalong chorus of — you guessed it — “babes never die!” offer plenty of points to rally around, and the duo often sounds like they have the power of two or three full rock bands behind them. It’s one thing to say you’re immortal; it’s another to really sound like you believe it.

Babes Never Die will be released on October 28th; preorder it here.

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