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How to Dress Well remixes Phantogram’s “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” — listen

on October 18, 2016, 1:57pm


When Phantogram returned over the summer, they made a statement with the single “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”. The track is a cutting slice of electropop, one that indicated their new album Three would move closer to the dance floor while retaining a sharp trip-hop edge. But for all its synth-y elements, there’s a sinister current pulsing through it, one that How to Dress Well seizes on for his new remix.

Any dance elements save for interpretive ones have been stripped away, replaced by deep and ominous tones that actually might fit the lyrics’ emotional heart even better. There’s pronounced darkness in lines like “Walk with me to the end/ Stare with me into the abyss/ Do you feel like letting go?/ I wonder how far down it is,” and HTDW’s Tom Krell plays on that with his weighty, sparse soundscape. Listen above.