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Icona Pop encourage you to look on the “Brightside” — listen

on October 21, 2016, 2:05pm


“Mellow” has never been used to describe an Icona Pop single. And it can’t really be used here. But compared to the bombast of their star-making track “I Love It”, the Swedish duo’s latest track “Brightside” might as well be a ukelele cover.

The new song features its fair share of summer-y lyrics. But in spite of that, “Brightside is a relatively cool track with restrained vocals, stuttering drums, underwater synths and some post-Chainsmokers piano chords thrown in for good measure. The hook of “get up, get up tonight, I will be the one to show you your brightside” seems destined to lodge in the heads of millions of people against their will. It’s that sort of earworm. Check it out up top but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Who knows? Maybe this time next year a suddenly super-swole Former Hipster President Barack Obama will reveal that he uses “Brightside” to pump iron and fill his downtime the way he uses the group’s “Emergency” now.

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