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Kate Tempest is set to take the world by storm with new single “Ketamine for Breakfast” — listen

on October 06, 2016, 10:00am

Kate Tempest is so talented it almost isn’t fair. The acclaimed musician, artist, poet, playwright, and novelist (did we forget anything?) routinely leaves jaws gaping in her wake, whether she’s playing festivals abroad or slaying local shows in her native London. It’s difficult to say if the world will ever be truly ready for the moment Tempest blows up, but ready or not, here she comes. With her new album Let Them Eat Chaos due out October 7th via Lex Records, the spoken word artist and all-around lyrical wunderkind is gearing up to become a household name. That’s true on both sides of the pond, as Tempest embodies the very best of the American hip-hop (she’s cited the Wu-Tang Clan as a chief influence) and English literary traditions, twirling the two together and spitting them back out in shifting, surprising combinations.

Tempest’s new single “Ketamine for Breakfast” is a prime example of what makes her the force of nature that her name suggests she is. Her flow starts early and never stops, taking us on a lyrical journey that seems to pack an entire novel into three minutes. Check it out below, and preorder Let Them Eat Chaos here.

Speaking of novels, Tempest has one of those, too. If you like what you hear, check out her Sunday Times Bestseller The Bricks That Built The Houses.

Let Them Eat Chaos Album Artwork:

let them eat chaos kate tempest album cover final grande Kate Tempest is set to take the world by storm with new single Ketamine for Breakfast    listen

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