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Ken Bone, proving his endless awesomeness, says Radiohead is “my all time favorite band”

on October 13, 2016, 11:15pm

It goes without saying, but Ken Bone is having a hell of a week. The red sweater-wearing breakout star of last weekend’s presidential debate has parlayed his new found fame into national television appearances, an endorsement deal with Uber, and his very own t-shirt. Along the way, we’ve learned a bit more about the man, the myth, the legend — including the fact that he was the drummer in a Christian rock band. During a reddit AMA conducted this evening, Bone also revealed that Radiohead is “my all time favorite,” adding, “nobody blends genres like Thom Yorke and the boys.”

Elsewhere in the AMA, Snoop Dogg invited Ken to “da doggy den 4 a little chit chat,” to which he responded, “I’m in LA late next week, maybe we can hook up. Big fan here. My dad wants to roll wit da Dogg big time, you me and him could do some tight stuff,” adding, “That didn’t sound cool at all, did it?” Classic Ken.

You can read his full AMA here.