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Laura Jane Grace is putting out an EP of David Dondero demos she recorded

on October 10, 2016, 1:55pm

Photo by Philip Cosores

Scenes are tiny, even when you’re a big name like Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace. And few things prove that better than singer-songwriter David Dondero’s upcoming EP With Love.

The six-track EP is made up of demos for since-released Dondero songs that Grace recorded back in 2012.

“In the autumn of 2012, I was touring through Florida and I happened to run into Laura Jane Grace in St. Augustine,” Dondero said. “I had a batch of new songs, so she was like, ‘You should come by my new studio tomorrow and check it out!’”

The duo banged out the six songs quickly, with Grace handling production in the studio she’d made out of an old post office.

“We ended up recording all six songs in just about an hour,” Dondero said. “I think we did them all in one take and then they were shelved when the studio closed after being crushed by a falling tree.”

However, the tracks re-surfaced thanks to that tininess of the Floridian music world coming back into play. When Grace went on a solo tour earlier this year, Dondero came along as well and that reminded Grace of those old recordings. It wasn’t long before Dondero and Grace decided to release the tracks on her label, Total Treble.

“I’m really thankful she’s putting this out.” Dondero said. “I like the songs better with no revision to the lyrics and I was surprised how good the recording sounded.”

With Love is out November 4th on Total Treble. Check out the tracklist and artwork below:

With Love Artwork:


With Love Tracklist:
01. Take a Left Turn in Boise
02. Boxer’s Fracture
03. Roses and Rain
04. Alcohol
05. This Guitar
06. Samantha’s Got a Bag of Coal

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