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London’s Bryde shares moody new song “Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?” — listen

on October 24, 2016, 2:43pm

Welsh singer-songwriter Bryde has been drawing approving comparisons to the likes of Angel Olsen and Mitski since releasing her EP1 earlier this year. The likeness doesn’t start and stop at the fact that she’s a female artist with an electric guitar, however; she’s displayed similar ferocity on songs like “Help Yourself” and open fragility on “Wait”. Yet hers is a voice that deserves attention in and of its own right, something she’ll continue to prove with the November 4th release of EP2.

Already she’s shared the stomping “Honey” from the effort, and now she’s showing her bleaker side with “Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?”. The track is a moody number dripping with slow guitar plucks that sound like they’re slowly leaking through the darkness. Eventually, they burst through on a fiery bridge as as Bryde confronts a fracturing, unhealthy relationship: “Smoke and mirrors on bathroom walls/ They were never mine/ Never mind/ Just let me love you.”

Calling it the darkest lyricism she’s ever explored, Bryde tells Consequence of Sound that the song “is less about me than all the others I’ve written. My own experiences were a catalyst to becoming more interested in and reading about certain relationship dynamics and how people can become negatively intwined. Then the lyrics just became something I wrote with other people’s experience in mind. Like actors in a play. It’s about retrospect.”

Take a listen below.

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