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Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic actually believes Gary Johnson can win the presidential election

on October 24, 2016, 1:05pm

Hillary Clinton has Madonna and Miley Cyrus. Donald Trump has Ted Nugent and Azealia Banks. But even third party presidential candidates have their musical supporters. As Billboard points out (via Stereogum), Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is a staunch supporter of Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, going so far as to donate the maximum amount to his campaign and stump for him in interviews with news outlets.

Novoselic has been a keen political activist for years, but has spent the recent election cycle supporting the former New Mexican governor and his running mate, William Weld. Appearing on FOX Business’ Kennedy (yes, the former MTV VJ has a FOX show), Novoselic expressed his firm belief that not only is the Johnson/Weld ticket viable, but that it will find its way into the White House.

“I’m excited because I think they’re gonna win,” Novoselic told Kennedy. “My supporting them is not some kind of third-party protest vote or some kind of stunt or anything. These are viable candidates, they’re experienced lawmakers, they have executive experience, and I think that if voters get a good look at them, they’ll say, ‘Hey, these are a couple grown-ups, and I’m comfortable giving them my vote.’”

That interview took place over the summer, and although the momentum of the election has shifted (and John Oliver explained how entirely unviable a candidate Johnson is), Novoselic is holding firm to his support. Sitting down recently with Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves for MTV News, he explained why Johnson would be a change in typical DC politics. “Because he’s actually a moderate, so he would actually really shake things up in Washington, that polarization. So he’d be right in the center of that.”

Graves shook him a bit when it came to Johnson’s stance on reproductive rights, but even if Novoselic doesn’t convince you that a Libertarian would make a better choice than Clinton or Trump, he does make some valid points about election reform. During each of these press stops, Novoselic expressed a desire to see ranked voting and proportional representation of third party candidates in debates.

Watch Novoselic’s interview with MTV News along with one with Portland Press Herald below.

It’s possible that Novoselic actually understands how silly supporting Johnson is; during a Rolling Stone Periscope, he did impersonations of the major candidates. His Bernie Sanders was spot on (“These corporations…These corporations…No more corporations!”) and his Trump could use some voice work. But his Johnson? A clueless expression and a shrug. Watch it here.