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Oxymorrons throw an actual party in new music video for “Asleep” — watch

on October 05, 2016, 11:30am


There are two ways to approach the business of making a music video. The first involves getting a cast and crew together and spending a bunch of money trying to film a preconceived visual narrative. The second involves buying a metric shitton of Hennessey and Patron at the local corner store and throwing a party with all your friends (don’t forget to invite the cameraman, too). Fortunately for everyone involved, genre-bending New York City quintet Oxymorrons chose the latter path for their new song “Asleep”. Rather than blowing their budget on a pretend party, they had themselves a good time and ended up with a stylish music video to boot.

“We wanted the ‘Asleep’ video to be a three-minute organic look into the life of the Oxymorrons,” says Demi, one of the group’s vocalists. “Instead of staging a party like the movies, we threw a real one and filmed it every step of the way. This isn’t Hollywood, this is Oxy Nation.”

A party seems like an appropriate motif for this group, because they sound like they’ve invited every kind of influence (and every friend of every kind of influence) into their songwriting. There’s hip-hop, there’s anthemic pop, there’s alternative rock … really, the list just goes on. Hear for yourself in the video above, and look out for Oxymorrons’ forthcoming debut EP, Complex But Basic.

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