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Phish perform the breezy “Breath and Burning” on Fallon — watch

on October 11, 2016, 1:15pm

Last Friday marked the release of Big Boat, the latest album from Phish. To promote the Fuego follow-up, the jam band wizards sailed through The Tonight Show on Monday, where they performed the LP’s lead single “Breath and Burning”.

Echoing the track’s carefree nature, Phish approached their performance like a couple of guys enjoying a summer night in the Caribbean, icy drink in hand, Hawaiian t-shirt unbuttoned. It was warm and inviting, and frontman Trey Anastasio could be seen cracking a glowing smile every couple of lines, especially when the horns — provided by house band The Roots — kicked in before the song’s second verse.

Catch the replay below.

As a bonus web exclusive, Phish also dished out album cut “Blaze On”.

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