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Wilco share cute and fuzzy claymation video for “Someone to Lose” — watch

on October 27, 2016, 10:30am

We’re nearly two months removed from Wilc’s ’s incredible 10th studio album, Schmilco, and it’s yet to leave our circulation. Songs like “Normal American Kids”, “If I Ever Was a Child”, and “We Aren’t the World (Safety Girl)” serve as warm blankets for the chilly autumn weather, sort of like a pocket-sized Indian Summer we can call on-demand.

Anyways, they’re back with a video for standout track “Someone to Lose” and it’s adorably poignant. Directed by Joseph Baughman, the four-minute clip follows a bride-and-groom wedding cake topper, who try to avoid a fuzzy monster that just wants to eat things and be on its merry way. It’s bright and colorful and rather cute.

And while the whole video may seem a little zany, it actually connects with the song’s narrative, specifically the personal anxieties one experiences when they’re finally happy with the person they love. As Jeff Tweedy sings it: “Facing the blast and the moon and the math/ But you still never know where your soul is attached.”

Watch above, grab Schmilco now, and revisit our exclusive cover story with the full band.

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