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Willie Nelson invited Jimmy Fallon aboard his tour bus and smoked him out — watch

on October 04, 2016, 4:45pm

Willie Nelson’s love of lighting up may be his life’s second calling, but it’s certainly landed him in some hot water recently. Last month, the country outlaw was pulled over by the ever viligant Super Troopers, and then drew controversy after a photo of him posing with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and some weed surfaced. Still, Nelson hasn’t cut back on the habit, even when hosting guests, as Jimmy Fallon can attest.

Before a performance on The Tonight Show, Nelson opened up his tour bus to the late-night comedian. But while Fallon had much to talk about, blitzing the musician with a barrage of questions, Nelson only had one thing on his mind: the sweet high of Mary Jane. At one point, he exhaled a big cloud of smoke right smack into Fallon’s face and suggested they both get Mexican food, a rare verbal exchange from the literally soaring singer-songwriter. Second-hand high — that’s a sure-fire way to get someone to simmer down.

Check out the funny clip above.


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