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All 92 episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast are now available to stream online for free

on November 14, 2016, 6:35pm

In September, beloved animator and voice actor Clay Martin Croker passed away at the age of 54. Croker is perhaps known for his work on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, for which he served as the voice of Zorak in addition to the show’s animation director. In the weeks since his death, Adult Swim has been uploading episodes of Space Ghost, many of which had been previously unavailable. As of today, all 92 episodes are available to stream online for free.

A spoofing of the late-night talk-show format, Space Ghost Coast to Coast built up a dedicated cult following during its decade-long run, thanks in part to the show’s subversive and surrealist humor. But it also brought an impressive lineup of musical guests to the table, including Pavement, Dave Grohl, Thurston Moore, David Byrne, Thom Yorke, Willie Nelson, and Space Ghost’s “wife”, Björk.

Head here to watch the episode of your choosing. Below, check out a clip of Space Ghost trying to burn illegal copies of a Radiohead CD while chatting with Thom Yorke.

And here’s an episode where he calls Dave Grohl a punk and talks about space mucus.