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Consequence of Sound’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

on November 21, 2016, 11:30am
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For the 90s Punk Luddite


gd boombox bundle primary e1479742028990 Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Some of us just aren’t down with new technology. We like things the way they were. If you know someone who uses the phrase “cassingle” in the present tense and also loves them some Green Day, the boys from Oakland have the perfect gift in store. This package includes every Green Day album – including their latest, Revolution Radio – on cassette tape in a snazzy keepsake box plus an honest-to-goodness boombox complete with sticker sheet to deck out your new toy. Gift your loved ones the gift of being able to listen to “Stuart and the Ave” the way it was meant to be heard. Shoulder pads for on-the-go strutting not including.

$249.99, Purchase


For the Nintendo Gamer


mario box light Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

If you know someone who swung and missed on the highly coveted Nintendo Classic Mini, get them the ultimate consolation prize. The Question Block Light can be powered by either a USB cable or batteries, and activates (naturally) by being pressed down – sorry, no golden coins. As an added bonus, the light also emits the eternal 8-bit ping that captured a million hearts in 1985.

$32.49, Purchase


For the Disorganized Vinyl Collector



You never want to see your loved ones end up on Hoarders, so prevent the possibility by getting them some gorgeous laser-engraved wood panel vinyl dividers. Koeppel Design understands that each collection is unique, which is why you can mix and match panels, from alphabet organization to categories ranging from decades (1930s) to genres (New Wave) to moods (Cocktail Party). Put an end to futile search parties through endless spines with this nifty and sleek accessory.

$132 for four dividers, Purchase


For the Comedy Junkie


mitch hedberg the complete vinyl collection Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Comedy lost one of its most original voices when Mitch Hedberg in 2005. He was a master of the absurdist one-liner, and able to make even the most mundane things hysterical. Now there is a way to relive every laugh he gave us with a definitive box set that includes all three of his albums pressed on vinyl with extra tracks, an oversized book featuring essays from Mike Birbiglia and Margaret Cho, and a USB drive with mp3s of his records and bonus never-before-heard recordings. If you know someone who lives for stand-up, this is the gift for them.

$99.98, Purchase


For the Sports Fan


image006 Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be real: The Chicago Cubs’ post-season run, especially the seven-game World Series showdown against the Cleveland Indians, will long be remembered as some of the greatest games in sports’ history. This expansive, eight-disc set preserves every inning, every play, and every heart-stopping moment without any of the anxiety that was previously tied to its unknown conclusions. So, if you’re a nostalgist and also happen to enjoy a cozy afternoon of baseball, this set’s for you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with Kris Bryant’s personal phone number for random hangs, but not everything in this world is a grand slam.

$55.11, Purchase


For the Guitar Virgin


yamaha fg800 acoustic guitar natural free gig bag p25458 34303 image e1479740998821 Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

There’s a reason the Yamaha FG800 frequently tops “Best Beginning Guitar” lists. For the price point, there’s simply no beating the quality and sound. A slightly revamped version of the popular FG700, the FG800 Dreadnought model features a solid Sitka Spruce top and reliable balance. If there’s a budding guitar hero in your midst, set them on the right path with this modestly priced treasure.

$199.99, Purchase

For the Local Band Member


picks Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Branding is a beast these days, but luckily there’s an affordable and awesome way to start spreading the word about your buddy’s new band. For under $10, you can order six customized guitar picks in a variety of colors with the design, logo, or wording of your choice. Nothing says rock star like seeing your friend toss a personalized pick into the crowd after shredding a solo. Rock on.

$5.99, Purchase

For the Band That Has Everything


marshall fridge Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

It ain’t cheap, but man is it awesome. For the musician in your life that has all the gear, gadgets, and equipment they could ever dream of, get them something to complete to the studio: an officially licensed mini-fridge decked out to look like a Marshall amp. Whether it’s beer or LaCroix, the Marshall mini fridge will keep it frosty when a hard day of shredding leaves you thirsty.

$349.99, Purchase


For the Fan Who Wears It On Their Sleeves


m jersy send eric Consequence of Sounds 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

While only a chosen few of us were able to enjoy Chance the Rapper’s memorable “Magnificent Coloring Day” in the flesh at the Chicago White Sox’s Cellular One Field this September, but now anyone can take home a piece of one the year’s best concerts. Give the Chance fan in your life a baseball jersey they can wear at any stadium, or pretty much anywhere. With Chance continuing to make some of the most inspiring hip hop of our time, induct your loved one into the crew with some sweet threads.

$75, Purchase


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