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David Blaine spits out live frogs, freaks out Drake, Dave Chappelle in the process — watch

on November 16, 2016, 11:45am

In a land of Criss Angels, it’s perhaps easy to forget his predecessor, David Blaine, whose combination of illusion and endurance posits him more as a modern-day Harry Houdini than a sideshow David Copperfield. In a clip from Blaine’s new show, Beyond Magic, the illusionist opts for a new approach: the gross-out.

An A-list clientele comprised of Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry watches on as Blaine produces not one, not two, but three living frogs from his mouth, hocking each into a champagne flute that the celebs hold between pinched, reticent fingers. Drizzy, especially, looks primed to spew. Blaine simply wasn’t lodging the amphibians in his cheeks, either. He even asks Curry at one point to confirm that his mouth is empty. Through whatever deal he’s forged with Satan, Blained somehow figured out a way to keep them in his throat without swallowing.

The hilarious clip lends itself to a re-watch, too. Drake’s reaction is priceless, but don’t miss Chappelle’s sick burn on Meek Mill, nor a welcome cameo from Chappelle’s Show veteran Donnell Rawlings. Watch above.

This isn’t a one-time trick, either. Blaine pulled the same gag on Jimmy Fallon and The Roots just a few nights ago. Their reactions were, well, similar.

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