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Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda team up for Millennials: The Musical — watch

on November 29, 2016, 4:27pm


Featured Image via YouTube

Lin Manuel-Miranda and Dwayne Johnson are the collaboration we never knew we needed. After working together on Disney’s Moana, in which Johnson’s gruff Maui sings lyrics penned by Miranda, the duo seem positively smitten.

Last week, The Rock’s Seven Bucks Digital Studios premiered “The Making of Millennials: The Musical”, a “behind-the-scenes” mockumentary chronicling the making of a new millennial-centric Broadway musical they’re co-producing. The eight-minute clip featured interviews with Johnson and Miranda, as well as an amusing peek into the backstage chaos caused by the musical’s creator, the manic, entitled millennial Michael Palomar (played by Jack Jordan Norman).

Well, free up those jazz hands because the mockumentary was just the precursor to the full musical, which is now available for streaming. Seven Bucks describes it as “a loving satire of musical theater and millennial culture” that “tells the surprisingly uplifting story of a privileged Brooklynite, Crystal, whose world comes crumbling down when she loses her phone.”

In just 15 minutes, the musical shepherds its central duo (played by YouTube performer Meg DeAngelis and actor Jon Hall) through a variety of millennial hotspots, from a startup office to a hipster coffee shop to a dance club (where one character confuses drugs for “artisanal aspirin”). The jokes are standard millennial fare — brunch, dabs, selfies — but the songs themselves are vibrant, catchy, and sure to appeal to fans of Miranda’s modern style.

Be sure to stick around for Johnson and Miranda’s reaction to the finished product. “O-M-G, Lin, that was lit as A-F,” The Rock, a 44-year-old beast of a man, gushes.

Enjoy the full musical above, then cross your fingers for a Miranda stage adaptation of Furious 7.