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Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker) shares “Stop Me (Stop You)” co-produced by Dave Harrington — listen

on November 03, 2016, 10:17am


Producer/singer-songwriter Nick Murphy recently dropped his Chet Faker moniker, noting that “there’s an evolution happening” in his music. To coincide with the name change, he dropped a new single called “Fear Less” back in September. Now, Murphy has shared the next step in his evolution with “Stop Me (Stop You)”.

Co-produced by Dave Harrington of Darkside, the track serves as the lead single for Murphy’s upcoming, as yet unannounced album. In a press release, he said of the song, “‘Stop Me (Stop You)’ is essentially two inseparable songs. Ying and yang of past and present.”

The eight-minute epic is indeed split into two distinctive halves with different vibes. For the first four minutes, Murphy belts out over a skittering beat while siren synths blare in the background. Rave-ready electronics signal a shift, but not in the most predictable direction as it surprisingly all drops away to end as a sparse piano ballad. “They can’t stop you/ You made it this far/ Alright/ You can’t help it/ Got things you need to do/ Before they wait on you,” Murphy sings.

Take a listen above.