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Shia LaBeouf got into a fight at a Warpaint concert

on November 23, 2016, 5:05pm

Over the years, we’ve written several stories about the bizarre doings of actor-artist Shia LaBeouf. His hitch-hiking across America and 24-hour elevator ride were done under the banner of performance art. It’s unclear whether LaBeouf was also acting out some sort of social experiment when he attended a recent Warpaint show, or was simply being a drunk asshole.

Several concert-goers have taken to reddit to detail LaBeouf’s antics during Warpaint’s show at Emo’s last week. “At the beginning of the last song (pre-encore), he began to shove his way to the front and was involved in an altercation with other patrons of the venue, as it was already full where he was shoving himself into. Guys were shoving him around as he was fighting back,” wrote the original poster of the thread.

A subsequent commenter claimed to have been involved in the altercation, which he said was spurred on after LaBeouf harassed several female attendees.

“He kept pushing the envelope with his harassment towards girls. It started with him staring one down while walking into her, and when her friend shoved him and yelled ‘get the fuck off of her!’. He kept magnetizing to the front, and somewhere in the mix he was pushing his leg in between my friend Livi’s. She shoved him down, and that’s when I tried to push him out of the crowd. Then someone stopped me because it was Shia. So he got up, I confirmed it. So I calmed down and smiled. But he started up the act again with another girl. He was circling her and aggressively saying stuff like how he was going to hurt her into her ears. Acting like he owned her. Doing the cunnilingus gesture inches from her face.”

The band eventually stopped the show as security intervened and escorted LaBeouf out of the venue.

LaBeouf, who was in town for a screening of his latest film, was personally invited to the show by Warpaint. Outside of reddit, his attendance was further confirmed via several unrelated tweets.

We reached out to both LaBeouf and Warpaint to get their side of the story. As of publication, neither has returned our emails.