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Stream: Sadie Dupuis’ solo debut as Sad13, Slugger

on November 03, 2016, 7:05pm

Fans looking for another Speedy Ortiz record may be shocked by Slugger, the debut from Sadie Dupuis‘s new solo project Sad13. But even if the album shies away from the crunchy indie rock melodies Depuis crafts so expertly with her main squeeze, it can hardly be considered a disappointment. Slugger is a bold and somewhat left-field statement from an artist who has apparently decided to retreat from the sweaty rock show and focus more on bedroom pop-style production. Songs like opener “<2” and the wild, hip-hop-inflected “Coming into Powers” (the latter featuring rapper Sammus) remind us that solo albums don’t always have to be vanity projects. Sometimes they can be ways of exploring and shaping new sounds, and arriving at entirely unexpected conclusions.

Listen in to the full stream of Slugger via NPR below.

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