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Tender release funky new R&B track “Design” — listen

on November 01, 2016, 10:00am

Dan Cobb and James Cullen have grown through a lot together, having been friends since their teenage years. They’ve leaned on each other through all the ups and downs of young life in London, from the triumphs to the heartbreaks. All that shared experience has given them plenty of material to put into their music as Tender, as you can hear on their new track “Design”.

“‘Design’ is about being in a relationship so controlling, destructive and unhealthy that it’s tearing your normal life apart,” the duo explains to Consequence of Sound. “Despite knowing the eventual outcome you continue to indulge and ignore the signs because you’re so trapped in the moment.”

Sounds like one of the two has seen the other in this very situation, doesn’t it? With a deft synthesizing of modern R&B and funk, the electropop track operates on a heavy groove that well suits the lyrical theme. A chic bass line and beat lead an intoxicating trail into the club, but there’s a dark edge to the synths that might make you question what’s behind your dance partner’s eyes. Though in the heat of the moment, does it really even matter?

Take a listen below.

“Design” comes from Tender’s forthcoming EP III, out November 4th via Partisan.