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Watch Ty Segall and Steve Albini randomly smash a toilet into pieces

on November 02, 2016, 10:20am


For Ty Segall, it’s not enough to stalk about the stage dressed like an evil baby, or bring a sweaty DIY venue and its audience to their knees. Sometimes the prolific garage rocker just needs to express himself by destroying shit.

In a random video posted by Drag City Records on Tuesday, Segall does exactly that. With the help of legendary record producer/engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Cloud Nothings), Segall ferociously takes an axe to a toilet which bears his name. Could this be more than just an exercise in catharsis — perhaps a suggestion that these two might be collaborating in the studio for the first time?

One of the YouTube video’s commenters claims that to be the case: “It already happened. I saw him play a secret show in Chicago while they were recording at electric audio a little while back.” What’s more, “reserved for executive producer (DWK)” is written in marker on the top of the toilet (zoom in at the 0:09 mark).

Segall’s last album was this year’s Emotional Mugger.